Why Plastic Pallets?

Major innovation has advanced plastic pallet design over the last several years. As such, it has become commonplace in many industries to use plastic pallets more than any other material.

There are many reasons behind this decision as explained below.

  • They are lightweight and can be safely handled without the risk of splinters or nails.
  • No mould or dust build-up concerns because they can be easily cleaned.
  • Sturdier than meets the eye with the capability of holding heavy loads.
  • No need for fumigation.
  • Resistant to moisture, weak acids & alkalis.
  • They last 10 times longer than wooden pallets on average.
  • Freight costs are more economical

Due to growing concerns surrounding the sustainability of forestry and other environmental issues, it is important for companies to move away from using wooden pallets. Plastic pallets that are manufactured using recycled materials are the best solution to this problem.

Reasons To Choose New Zealand Plastic Pallets

Light Weight

Lowers cost: Our plastic pallets weigh an average of 20 – 30kg less than wooden pallets. As such, you end up paying much less for freight costs over time. In addition to this, the higher upfront cost of plastic pallets is mitigated by the money you typically spend when fumigating wooden pallets to ensure that they are ISPM 15 certified.

The following example explains this cost savings in detail:

You have an export consignment which is going to Hong Kong. The gross weight of your shipment is 400kg (excluding the pallet weight). The rate to Hong Kong is $4.80/kg.

Plastic Pallet

Pallet Weight: 8kg
Total Weight: 408kg
Formula: 408kg x $4.80 + $28 (cost of pallet)
Total Cost: $1,986.40

Wooden Pallet

Pallet Weight: 45kg
Total Weight: 445kg
Formula: 445kg x $4.80 + $10 (cost of pallet)
Total Cost: $2,146



Pallet Duration: Plastic pallets last 10 times longer on average than wooden pallets. The cost savings become more clear when analysed over an extended period of time. The conservative example below uses 2 years.

Plastic Pallet

Number of Pallets: 150
Cost: $28 each
Total Cost: $4,200
Lifespan: 24 months
Total Cost: $4,200 over 2 years

Wooden Pallet

No. of Pallets: 150
Cost: $10 each
Total Cost: $1,500
Lifespan: 3 months
Total Cost: $12,000


It’s important to note that plastic pallets last longer than 2 years. The figures above are only conservative estimates that are used to highlight cost savings.

All figures were calculated using the Eco 1100 plastic pallet.

100% Size And Strength Consistency.

Our meticulous control procedures in conjunction with an advanced manufacturing process are in place to ensure our pallets consistently meet quality standards and can withstand heavy loads.

Safer To Handle – No Nails Or Splinters

Thanks to smooth plastic material, there is no risk of minor injury when handling our pallets because loose nails and splinters are complete non-factors. It means both operatives and products are safe from harm’s way when products are being loaded or unloaded.

Easy To Clean

Steam cleaning or washing will get rid of airborne dust or the effect of spilt goods that can accumulate on the pallets over time. This process can be repeated many times over without wearing the pallet down.

No Mould Or Dust Contamination Issues

Made using polyethylene and polypropylene, our plastic pallets are resistant against any mould or dust contamination. The smooth plastic surfaces are designed to protect against blue-stained mould, which is typically an issue with wooden pallets in humid environments. As a result, you never have to worry about contamination issues when using plastic pallets.

Suitable For Clean Areas

Plastic pallets are much more hygienic than wooden pallets in clean or hygienic areas. While plastic pallets have enclosed surfaces that prevent impurities from accumulating, wooden pallets contaminate clean areas with an excess build-up of mould and dust. Our pallets can be repeatedly steam cleaned or washed to remove any airborne dust or spilt products which accumulate on the pallets over a period of time.

Impervious To Moisture, Weak Acids & Alkalis

No matter the environment, our plastic pallets are unaffected by even the harshest of conditions. The enclosed structure prevents moisture from entering the pallet and degrading the quality over time. In addition to this, we use high-quality plastic that is resistant to weak acids and alkalis.

Plastic Pallets Meet AQIS Requirements For Export To Australia & New Zealand

Since all our pallets are made of durable plastic, we are not required to attain Treatment Certificates which apply to all wooden pallets. This means, you never have to worry about shipments being quarantined on arrival due to contamination or expiry issues.
Some countries are now considering banning imported goods on wooden pallets because of the potential threats that they pose to local forestry. Below is a complete list of ISPM 15 (treated wooden pallets) regulated countries:

A full List of ISPM 15 (treated wooden pallets) regulated countries include:

Costa Rica
Dominican Republic

Republic of Korea
New Zealand
South Africa
Sri Lanka
Taiwan, Penghu and Matsu

Plastic Pallets Last 10x Longer Than Wooden Pallets

Plastic pallets can last up to 10 years in a closed-loop distribution scenario, with normal handling and loading within max weight limits. In some cases, they may even exceed 10 years thanks to a solid, mould resistant structure that is designed to last. This converts to 10 times the average lifespan of wooden pallets.

Invest In Your Future

When you factor in all the amazing benefits of using our pallets, it is clear to see why they are a worthy investment. Not only do they deliver notable cost savings, you also reap the rewards of a more sustainable product that combats deforestation worldwide and can last up to a decade or more.

Despite a higher upfront cost, our pallets are recognised as assets and should, therefore, be depreciated over their lifetime. This means that an average medium-duty plastic pallet can cost the operator as little as 0.07 USD per week.

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